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Photographic Service Company


Product Photographs 

Professional photographic services since 1981.  Still & Video support for agencies, art commissions, media outlets, and more.



Advertising, fashion and editorial services for the finest portrait photography on location.  



Award winning photo journalism for all media worldwide.  Editorial & documentary service. 

Our Clients


From concept to finish. We offer three decades of photographic expertise. In photography, and photo illustrations. Providing creative services, stylizing, and set design. 


You can be assured when our camera goes up. You will be at ease, and comfortable for your best look ever.



Photographic productions all require special attention.  We value our clients.  Send us your project here, and we will provide you an estimate.   

Your covered

We are fully insured, and have three decades of professional expertise & references.


Photographer John Gerard Quinn has been the recipient of numerous awards in advertising, and photo journalism. Attention to details, and a keen eye. Quinn creates content that is premiere for the media & publishing industry.  

Published credits:  The American Banker magazine, Arts & Antiques magazine, Boating World, Connect time, Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, Child magazine, Cleveland Magazine, Country,  Fortune, Globus, Microsoft Network, Northern Ohio live, Ohio magazine, Plain Dealer, Professional Builder, Runners World, ABC news, NBC news, Women's World, Rolling Stone, Time magazine, T.V. Guide, Washington Post. is the work of: American Artist/Photographer John Gerard Quinn.
All photographs : Copyright © 2022 All rights reserved -
J. Quinn Photography llc. Email:
Tele: +1 (440-227-3800)
Cleveland, Ohio USA,

Expert post production

Digitial post production, color matching, retouching, & restoration services.  

Best Images

Superlative quality and attention to details.

Unique Styles

Award winning photography for agencies, corporate & fine art commissions.